ABOUT US - ievalaukis
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Sports and Recreation Center ‘Ievalaukis‘

Take in a breath of the pure air of Aukštaitija National Park, admire the beauty of the Drings Lake full of fishes and feel the tranquility deep inside you…You can have it all right here, at the sports and recreation center ‘Ievalaukis‘. The fast pace and constant rush that characterized today‘s urban life and our deep passion for sports and wellness were our inspiration when creating a place where we could not only take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also train and focus on improving our physical fitness.

At ‘Ievalaukis‘ you will find a professionally equipped gym for CrossFit training program. CrossFit exercise system engages muscles of the whole body, this is why this type of training is suitable for professional athletes of various backgrounds who are looking for ways to improve their endurance, strength, speed and other indicators of physical performance.


‘Ievalaukis‘ sports and recreation center is also perfectly suitable for various activity-focused camps, as you will have plenty of space and excellent settings for jogging, cycling, swimming, playing badminton, volleyball, or, in wintertime, cross-country skiing. Moreover, ‘Ievalaukis‘, secluded in the picturesque natural surroundings is a great location for martial arts‘ camps or even meditation retreats. You are welcome to hold meetings or conferences at our spacious assembly rooms, and if it‘s relaxation and total body-and-mind recharge you are looking for, what could be better than a traditional steam bath right next to the lake?

We are hoping your visit at our sports and recreation center will be a pleasurable experience. We are looking forward to welcoming you at ‘Ievalaukis‘!